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2001 Results

Our results for the 2001 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Challenge Trophy
Whittington Heath Golf Club
 - 18th October 2001
27 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

The final event of the 2001 season took place at Whittington Heath which is a wonderful heathland golf course.  With heavy rain falling the night before and in the early hours of morning on the day of the event, it looked like we'd all get a soaking and be playing on a very wet golf course.  However, although the day started overcast, we managed to avoid all the rain and by mid-morning it was sunshine and blue sky all around.  The course also drained very well and was in excellent condition, as is to be expected from one of the best courses in the midlands.  

Being the last event of the year, the league cup and birdies league events were to be decided.  The league cup was the closest ever with ten players in with a chance of taking glory away from current leader Karl Hughes.  The gross birdies league looked like it would go to Graham Bilsland, but with all 27 holes counting on the day, Steve Lloyd, Ian Talboys and Steve Warner all had outside chances of catching him.  The nett birdies league was also a close affair and even though Karl Hughes started the day three points clear, anyone in the top ten had a chance of overtaking him.  

There was an excellent turn-out of 30 players for this event, which meant that it would be more difficult for those in league cup contention to overtake Karl.  However, after a bad morning 18 holes, Karl was in trouble and after good scores from Andy Smith and Graham Bilsland, it became apparent that the competition would be between these two.  Graham shot a gross two over par on the 9 holes in the afternoon and eventually finished in 7th position on the day for 15 league cup points (including a bonus point for nearest the pin on the par 3).  With Graham having a final league cup tally of 73 points, this meant that Andy would have to finish in the top four to take the crown.  For once, Andy held his nerve and and scored 19 points on the afternoon 9 holes to take the league cup crown by 2 points.  Final league cup standings can be found here.  

With two groups left on the course, the only thing we were waiting to see was if Andy, who has been in contention on numerous occasions, was finally going to win his first BUNGS event.  Things looked good for Smithy until Darren Weston holed his 7 iron third to the final hole for an eagle 3 to complete a remarkable final four holes, where he scored 14 points to taste BUNGS victory for the first time with a final score of 54 points, three clear of Andy in second place with Chris Craddy in third on 49 points.  

All four players in contention for the gross birdies league had plenty of birdie putts but only two were taken between all four players leaving Graham Bilsland on top of the tree with 11 points, Steve Lloyd was second on 8 points, Ian Talboys third on seven points and Steve Warner fourth on 6 points.  

After losing the lead in the league cup, Karl was waiting to see if he would remain on top of the nett birdies league standings.  Karl only scored two nett birdies to finish on 32 points and he was joined  on that total by Mike Fox who scored 5 points on the day and Andy Smith who stormed through the pack with 10 points.  With three players on the same total, the competition would be decided on the number of nett eagles scored.  However, this would still leave Karl and Mike equal (with three nett eagles).  The only way to split them was to count the number of points scored on the final event, which eventually meant that Mike came out the winner.  For final standings for gross birdies league click here.  For final standings for nett birdies league click here.  

After failing to triumph in both the league cup and nett birdies league from being the leader before the start of play, Karl Hughes voiced his 'concern' over Andy's handicap, suggesting that it may be a wee bit on the high side.  I took great delight in hearing this and it's so nice to see the bandit of 1999 getting a bit of his own medicine!  

The final BUNGS event of 2001 was a great success and a special mention must go to John Newton, who managed to play all 27 holes without his bag falling off his trolley.  Well done John!  

The 2001 season has probably been the best in BUNGS history as we've played some fantastic golf courses, had better turn-outs than ever before and had first time winners at six of the events plus the closest ever finish to the league cup.  Thank you to all members who've helped to make this such a successful year and be ready for next year, where the courses we're playing just get better and better.  

Final standings at Whittington were as follows:
1st Darren Weston (18.3) 54 points
2nd Andy Smith (18.1) 51 points
3rd Chris Craddy (18.8) 49 points
4th Jeff Thacker (20.3) 48 points
5th John Bayliss (15.1) 47 points
6th John Newton (5.9) 46 points
7th Graham Bilsland (0.6) 46 points
8th John O'Brien (27.0) 46 points
9th James Shipman (10.0) 46 points
10th Paul Jobbins (12.0) 46 points
11th Tim Thacker (19.2) 44 points
12th Toby Carter (Guest) (18.0) 43 points
13th Ian Talboys (5.6) 42 points
14th Steve Lloyd (4.3) 40 points
15th Paul Weston (9.5) 40 points
16th Mike Fox (17.9) 39 points
17th Karl Hughes (12.4) 39 points
18th Stuart Banham (17.0) 37 points
19th Barry Whitmore (23.0) 37 points
20th Mike Thacker (26.0) 37 points
21st Steve Warner (2.1) 37 points
22nd John Newman (20.8) 35 points
23rd Brian Goroll (25.0) 34 points
24th Richard Stevens (20.7) 34 points
25th Carl Seager (28.0) 32 points
26th Brian Edwards (11.5) 32 points
27th John Mansell (24.0) 29 points
28th Ray Whiston (10.9) 28 points
29th Vaughan Davies (16.5) 28 points
30th Brian Keates (28.0) 27 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Graham Bilsland
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Ian Talboys

Glastek Trophy
Whetstone Golf Club
- 12th September 2001
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

This years Glastek Trophy took place at Whetstone Golf Club, Leicester.  The relatively short course should have been 'there for the taking' and some good scores were expected but things didn't turn out that way.  

The course is very tight and the greens were very firm making it almost impossible to pitch a ball on the green and stop it.  There was also a very stiff breeze which made play even more difficult.  A score in excess of 40 points was expected to win but a winning score of 37 points was posted by Mike Thacker who tasted victory for the first time in a BUNGS event.  Mike knew his luck was in when he was only charged £8 for the buggy he used in the afternoon.   

There was a four-way tie for second place between Karl Hughes, Andy Smith, Chris Craddy and Stuart Mahon on 35 points.  By means of the countback system, Karl and Andy came in second and third respectively.  Despite taking all our money in the morning practice round and having a good front nine Andy, who was once again one of the favorites to win, failed to deliver.  Perhaps he was still upset at Liverpool's 3-1 home defeat to Villa on the previous Saturday, which Steve Lloyd must have still been celebrating when leaving the house as he didn't check his golf equipment and turned-up with two left golf shoes, although luckily for Steve, he'd brought a spare pair along.    

Another player who had a good front nine was Richard Stevens who got to the turn in 20 points and must have felt he had a great chance of winning.  However, a pitiful 9 points on the back nine left Richard in 'mid-table'.  

Steve Warner must have thought he had a chance of doing well on a course like Whetstone but as he spent most of the day trying to repair John Newton's Powacaddy, his mind wasn't on the golf and he came in 7 points adrift.  Despite the problems with his trolley, John Newton was back to his vociferous saying how much he enjoyed the course and ranked it amongst the best he'd ever played (alongside Purley Chase).   

The good results for Karl and Andy took them to 1st and 2nd in the League Cup table on 70 and 68 points respectively.  With a further three players on 67 points and others also in contention, the final event of the season at Whittington Heath will decide the closest League Cup ever.  

FOR SALE - makeshift Powacaddy, only 100k on the clock, great for exercise as you end up carrying your bag most of the round - contact John Newton for further details.

Final standings at Whetstone were as follows:
1st Mike Thacker (28.0) 37 points
2nd Karl Hughes (13.9) 35 points
3rd Andy Smith (20.1) 35 points
4th Chris Craddy (20.8) 35 points
5th Stuart Mahon (24.0) 35 points
6th John Mansell (25.0) 34 points
7th Ray Whiston (11.4) 33 points
8th Bobby Ho (17.4) 31 points
9th Steve Warner (2.1) 30 points
10th John Newton (5.9) 29 points
11th Ivan Heathcote (11.8) 29 points
12th Richard Stevens (20.7) 29 points
13th Barry Whitmore (23.0) 28 points
14th Paul Weston (9.5) 27 points
15th Steve Lloyd (4.0) 26 points
16th John Newman (20.0) 25 points
17th Carl Seager (28.0) 25 points
18th Ian Talboys (5.1) 25 points
19th John O'Brien (25.0) 22 points
20th Pail Hiorns (28.0) 11 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Ray Whiston
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Nobody hit the green in 2

Pairs Championship
Burton-on-Trent Golf Club
- 9th August 2001
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford (7/8 handicap)

The 2001 Pairs Championship was played on the 'doorstep' of most BUNGS members at Burton on Trent Golf Club.  Once again we managed to avoid the worst of the weather with the only rain falling during lunch.  

The course was in suberb condition and was set-up for some good scoring, demonstrated by the many sub-par rounds in the morning texas scramble.  With only eight points separating first from last, the afternoon four-ball better-ball was a tight affair eventually won by first-time winners Ray Whiston and John Mansell who beat Karl Hughes and Stuart Mahon by a single point.

Final standings at Burton-on-Trent were as follows:
1st Ray Whiston & John Mansell 43 points
2nd Karl Hughes & Stuart Mahon 42 points
3rd Richard Stevens & Steve Warner 41 points
4th Tim Thacker & Ivan Heathcote 40 points
5th John Newman & James Shipman 39 points
6th Steve Lloyd & Paul Weston 38 points
7th Chris Craddy & Colin Ringer 38 points
8th Ian Talboys & Brian Keates 36 points
9th Graham Bilsland & John Newton 36 points
10th Barry Whitmore & Mike Fox 36 points
11th John Bayliss & Brian Edwards 35 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - John Mansell
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Ian Talboys

The Belfry Golf Day
The Belfry
- 28th July 2001
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)
27 hole team competition (7/8 handicap)

An additional society golf day was arranged at The Belfry consisting of the back 9 on The Brabazon course in the morning followed by 18 holes on The PGA National course in the afternoon.  A maximum of 16 people were allowed to attend and all places were filled.  The day was played in glorious sunshine with temperatures in the 80's and comprised an 18 hole individual stableford competition in the afternoon and we also played a team competition over the full 27 holes.

Teams were:
Brian Keates, John Newton, Adam Thompson & Stuart Banham
Bobby Ho, Ian Talboys, Ivan Heathcote & Andy Smith
Mark Jones, Richard Stevens, Mike Fox & Steve Lloyd
Tim Thacker, Mike Thacker, Stuart Mahon & Karl Hughes  

From each grouping, the best three scores were counted on each hole to give a team total over the 27 holes.  When the teams came out of the hat, there was one that stood out as strong favourites and this proved to be the case as the team of Bobby, Ian, Ivan and Andy came out clear winners.  

The individual competition was won by our much loved secretary, Steve Lloyd who shot a 4 over par 75 to score 37 points.  Adam Thompson, a guest for the day, also scored 37 points and so similar were his and Steve's back 9 totals that conventional count-back couldn't separate them.  The back 9, back 6, and back 3 totals were the same, so it was Steve's birdie 4 on the 12th which earned him four points that finally separated them.  The only other notable score came from Ivan Heathcote, who was as steady as ever with an excellent 35 points.  Every other player struggled on a very testing course that has held European Seniors Tour events and 28 points was good enough to earn Mike Thacker fourth place.  Although 28 points isn't a total you'd be shouting too loud about, Mike was very happy with his final score considering he only scored 7  points on the front 9 before finding form with a blistering 21 points on the inward 9.  The rough and bunkers took their toll on most of the players, none more so than Mark 'of Arabia' Jones who had more than a little difficulty in the sand, especially in the huge bunker which runs parallel to the left hand side of the first fairway.

nother good turn-out of 30 players contested the BUNGS Championship at the excellent Coxmoor Golf Club.  We were, once again, lucky with the weather as the sun shone nearly all the day and the superb quality and condition of the course made it a very enjoyable day.  

The day was won by Brian Keates with a great 37 points.  When Ian Talboys said he couldn't attend the golf day due to sickness, Brian (Ian's boss) said he would have to win the event for the Financial Planners.  Ian chuckled at this as Brian rarely finishes in the top half but a superb performance saw him bank his first BUNGS event and take home the best trophy of the year.  

Second place, for the second event running, went to Bobby Ho.  Not only did Bobby finish second, he also beat Steve Lloyd 3/2 in their matchplay game but also managed to take £4 off him.  Bobby obviously doesn't realise that to keep beating (and taking money off) the society secretary will result in him playing off single figures very shortly.  

Third place, and another handicap cut, went to Graham Bilsland.  In the best round of the day, Graham went rround in 3 over par and with only one shot, came in with a great 34 points.  I hope Graham won't be too upset when he sees his revised handicap of scratch.  

Other noteable scores came from Rob Summerfield in 4th with a good 34 points and Stuart Mahon, John Newton and Tim Thacker with 33 points.  A mention must also be given to defending champion, John Bayliss who must have put up the worst defence of a title in BUNGS history by finishing in 27th place with only 21 points.  Also on 21 points was Barry Whitmore who after taking the money in the morning practice 9 holes with 20 points, somehow only managed to score one extra point over the full 18 holes.  

Final standings at The Belfry were as follows:
1st Steve Lloyd (5.5) 37 points
2nd Adan Thompson (12.6) 37 points
3rd Ivan Heathcote (14.0) 35 points
4th Mike Thacker (28.0) 28 points
5th Bobby Ho (17.4) 28 points
6th Karl Hughes (13.9) 28 points
7th Mike Fox (17.9) 27 points
8th Mark Jones (24.0) 26 points
9th John Newton (5.4) 23 points
10th Ian Talboys (4.8) 23 points
11th Richard Stevens (19.9) 22 points
12th Stuart Banham (23.0) 22 points
13th Andy Smith (19.3) 21 points
14th Brian Keates (28.0) 21 points
15th Tim Thacker (18.4) 21 points
16th Stuart Mahon (22.0) 19 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Stuart Banham
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Steve Lloyd

Summer Shield
Druids Heath Golf Club
- 13th July 2001
36 hole eclectic stableford (7/8 handicap)

The 2001 summer shield was held at Druids Heath Golf Club which is a challenging heathland course surrounded by trees.  There were showers around all day but we were very lucky and we somehow managed to miss most of the rain.  

The course was in excellent condition and even though it was playing very short due to the hard ground, the greens were especially tricky and there didn't seem to be a straight putt on the course.  

With an excellent turn-out of 23 players, the day was won by John O'Brien, his first BUNGS success, with an excellent score of 46 points.  Surprisingly for a BUNGS event, there was some good scoring with 45 points from Mike Fox and 43 from both Dean Sheward and Karl Hughes.  Most improved score came from Brian Keates who beat the 4 points he scored at Beau Desert by 36 points with a total of 40.  With an average score of 39 points, this was the highest scoring event in BUNGS history.

Final standings at Druids Heath were as follows:
1st John O'Brien (27.0) 46 points
2nd Mike Fox (19.4) 45 points
3rd Dean Sheward (11.3) 43 points
4th Karl Hughes (14.6) 43 points
5th John Mansell (25.0) 41 points
6th John Bayliss (15.1) 41 points
7th Steve Warner (2.1) 40 points
8th Brian Keates (28.0) 40 points
9th John Newton (5.4) 40 points
10th Alan Surch (21.4) 39 points
11th Barry Whitmore (23.0) 39 points
12th Steve Lloyd (5.5) 39 points
13th Bobby Ho (17.4) 38 points
14th Ivan Heathcote (14.0) 38 points
15th Martyn Dodwell (6.0) 38 points
16th John Newman (20.0) 37 points
17th Ian Talboys (4.8) 37 points
18th Paul Jobbins (12.0) 37 points
19th Graham Bilsland (0.1) 35 points
20th Chris Craddy (20.0) 35 points
21st Richard Stevens (18.4) 32 points
22nd Stuart Mahon (22.0) 32 points
23rd Paul Weston (8.5) 31 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Paul Weston
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Karl Hughes

BUNGS Championship
Beau Desert Golf Club
- 24th May 2001
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

Beau Desert was the venue for the inaugural BUNGS Championship.  Beau is one of the best courses in the midlands and the course certainly didn't disappoint all those that attended.  The weather was superb, the course was in excellent condition and the huge sloping greens were the most challenging that the majority of our players had ever played on.  

The event was won by John Bayliss, and for a player who admits himself is a terrible putter, his almost unbelievable score of 38 points on such a tricky course was excellent.  Johns score was so good that he was 9 shots clear of Paul Weston in second place with a another 6 players a further 2 points back.  Most players found the tight fairways and undulating greens just too punishing with three and four putts a plenty.  Brian Goroll was having such a bad time and became so dis-spirited that he gave his apologies and walked off the course after 11 holes with only four points on the card.  Brian needn't have been too bothered by his score of only four points after eleven, as that was the final total of Brian Keates who posted the lowest ever total in BUNGS history.  Hang your head in shame Brian!

Final standings at Beau Desert were as follows:
1st John Bayliss (17.3) 38 points
2nd Paul Weston (10.5) 29 points
3rd Andy Smith (20.0) 28 points
4th Mike Fox (20.4) 28 points
5th John Newton (5.9) 28 points
6th Chris Craddy (21.0) 27 points
7th Bobby Ho (18.1) 27 points
8th Steve Lloyd (6.0) 27 points
9th Barry Whitmore (24.0) 26 points
10th Dean Sheward (11.3) 25 points
11th James Shipman (10.0) 24 points
12th Graham Bilsland (0.1) 23 points
13th Stuart Mahon (22.0) 23 points
14th Carl Seager (28.0) 23 points
15th Ivan Heathcote (14.0) 23 points
16th Alan Surch (21.4) 23 points
17th Raymond Whiston (11.4) 22 points
18th Tim Thacker (18.4) 21 points
19th Bernie Stanton (15.8) 21 points
20th John Mansell (24.0) 19 points
21st Karl Hughes (13.8) 18 points
22nd Steve Warner (1.8) 18 points
23rd Mark Jones (23.0) 18 points
24th Ian Talboys (4.3) 17 points
25th Jeff Thacker (18.8) 17 points
26th Mike Thacker (25.0) 14 points
27th Brian Keates (28.0) 4 points
28th Brian Goroll (25.0) dnf

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Stuart Mahon
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Andy Smith

The Sun Ray Trophy
The Warwickshire - 26th April 2001
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

The South and East courses of The Warwickshire were the venue for the 2001 Sun Ray Trophy.  A lot of rain fell in the two days prior to this event which meant that the course was fairly wet, with winter rules in play.  The course played just about as difficult as it could, as we were playing off the summer tees but in 'winter' conditions.  A lot of the players couldn't even reach the fairways with their tee shots, which resulted in the lowest ever average score at a BUNGS event (a paltry 22 points).  

The unthinkable almost happened with Graham Bilsland nearly winning his fourth event in only six starts.  Luckily, Paul Weston managed to pip Graham by just one point, with Bernie Stanton a further four shots behind with his second consecutive third place.  Steve Warner, who's handicap was cut by four shots to 2.0 after his triumph at Penn came in a very creditable fourth.  The 'usual suspects' were bringing up the rear, but a surprise last place went to Gordon Sullivan (a player who won all his matches during the 2000 weekend away) who came in with only 11 points.  Hang your head in shame Gordon.

Final standings at Beau Desert were as follows:
1st Paul Weston (12.0) 34 points
2nd Graham Bilsland (0.8) 33 points
3rd Bernie Stanton (17.3) 29 points
4th Steve Warner (2.0) 26 points
5th Steve Lloyd (6.5) 25 points
6th Barry Whitmore (25.0) 25 points
7th John Newton (5.9) 24 points
8th Raymond Whiston (11.4) 24 points
9th Andy Smith (20.0) 24 points
10th Dean Sheward (11.3) 23 points
11th Karl Hughes (13.8) 23 points
12th Mike Fox (20.4) 22 points
13th Ian Talboys (4.3) 21 points
14th John Newman (20.0) 21 points
15th Chris Craddy (21.0) 20 points
16th Stuart Mahon (21.0) 19 points
17th Stuart Banham (22.0) 19 points
18th Bobby Ho (17.3) 17 points
19th John Billson (22.0) 15 points
20th Carl Seager (28.0) 13 points
21st Brian Keates (28.0)  12 points
22nd Gordon Sullivan (17.7) 11 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Graham Bilsland
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Paul Weston

The Enterprise Cup
Penn Golf Club
- 30th March 2001
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

The Enterprise Cup was due to take place at Collingtree Park Golf Course, Northampton but because of the amount of snow and rain that fell during March (the wettest March since records began), there was a good chance that Collingtree was going to be unplayable or even shut.  It was therefore decided to switch the venue to Penn Golf Club which, as a heathland course, should not have been affected too much by the weather.  

Although the course was wet and winter rules were in force, there weren't any temporary tees or greens and I think we were lucky to be playing golf at all.  The attendance was excellent with 30 players taking part (our highest turn-out to date) and there were a large number of 'first timers' present.  When you consider the recent weather, we were extremely lucky for there to be no rain and the sunshine was in abundance for most of the day (Barry Whitmore even came away with a touch of sunburn to his scalp).  

The day was won by Steve Warner who was attending a BUNGS day for the first time.  With a score of 33 points, he couldn't believe he'd won with such a low total, but the rest of us just couldn't get to grips with the course and an average score of 25 points was one of the lowest ever.

Final standings at Beau Desert were as follows:
1st Steve Warner (6.0) 33 points
2nd Ian Talboys (4.8) 31 points
3rd Bernie Stanton (18.0) 30 points
4th Graham Bilsland (1.0) 29 points
5th Dean Sheward (11.8) 29 points
6th John Newton (6.4) 29 points
7th John Bayliss (17.3) 27 points
8th Mike Fox (20.4) 27 points
9th Karl Hughes (13.8) 27 points
10th Richard Stevens (18.4) 27 points
11th Andy Smith (20.0) 26 points
12th James Shipman (10.0) 26 points
13th Stuart Banham (22.0) 26 points
14th Tony Jackson (14.0) 25 points
15th Neil Ramage (23.0) 25 points
16th John Billson (22.0) 25 points
17th Chris Craddy (21.0) 25 points
18th Mark Jones (23.0) 24 points
19th Steve Lloyd (6.5) 23 points
20th Alan Surch (21.4) 23 points
21st Ivan Heathcote (14.0) 23 points
22nd John Newman (20.0) 22 points
23rd Carl Seager (28.0) 22 points
24th Jeff Thacker (18.0) 22 points
25th Barry Whitmore (24.0) 21 points
26th John O'Brien (26.0) 21 points
27th Gordon Sullivan (16.2) 18 points
28th Brian Keates (28.0) 18 points
29th Steve Gill (22.0) 17 points
30th Pete Knowles (24.0) 14 points
31st Carl Seager (28.0) 22 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - John O'Brien
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - Steve Lloyd

The Christmas Clock
Breadsall Priory Hotel & Country Club
- 14th December 2000
18 hole stableford (7/8 handicap)

Despite the terrible weather in the weeks prior to this golf day, the Moorland course at Breadsall Priory was open with only one temporary green.  The course was very wet and the greens were soft, but it was a bonus to be able to play at all, as most courses in the area had been closed for weeks.  We were teeing off mats on the majority of holes and the greens had been recently hollow-tined (presumably to help drainage) which made putting a bit of a lottery. The weather on the day was very good, albeit very cold and there were only a few drops of rain during the round.  

To help protect the course, it was compulsory teeing up on the fairway and placing in the rough, which contributed to the fairly high scoring.  Once again, Graham Bilsland triumphed with a score of 40 points (a level par round of gross 70).

Final standings at Breadsall Priory were as follows:
1st Graham Bilsland (4.0) 40 points
2nd Andy Smith (22.0) 39 points
3rd John Brake (15.8) 38 points
4th Steve Lloyd (7.0) 37 points
5th Alan Surch (22.4) 37 points
6th John Bayliss (17.3) 35 points
7th Colin Ringer (16.3) 35 points
8th Ian Talboys (4.8) 35 points
9th Chris Craddy (21.0) 34 points
10th Martyn Dodwell (6.0) 34 points
11th Richard Stevens (18.4) 34 points
12th John Newton (6.4) 34 points
13th Jim O'Toole (19.0) 34 points
14th John Newman (20.0) 34 points
15th John Billson (22.0) 33 points
16th Pete Thomas (25.0) 33 points
17th Jeff Thacker (18.0) 31 points
18th Mike Fox (19.6) 30 points
19th Derek Hill (22.0) 27 points
20th Brian Keates (28.0) 25 points
21st Carl Seager (28.0) 25 points
22nd Brian Goroll (22.0) 22 points

Nearest the pin (par 3) - Graham Bilsland
Nearest the pin in 2 (par 4) - John Newman

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