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2011 Results

Our results for the 2010/2011 season are as follows

(most recent event first):

Challenge Trophy
Druids Heath Golf Club
- 21st October 2011
27 hole stableford (full handicap)

Another excellent turn out of 38 players were to contest the final event of the 2010/2011 season, the Challenge Trophy to be competed over 27 holes. The weather was dry with a little bit of breeze but was not too cold for the time of year. The course was in excellent condition and putting on the sloping greens (was there a straight putt out there?) was a real test, especially anything downhill. As well as competing for the trophy on the day, the League Cup, Gross Birdies League and Nett Birdies League competitions were also to be finalised.

Scoring was pretty good and there were four players on 52 points but only two of those managed to get into the prizes. Those to miss-out on countback were two new members, Pete Graves and John Martin who finished 7th and 6th respectively. Fifth went to current society Captain Dave Grubb, playing off 21. Dave scored 16 points in the morning and 36 points in the afternoon for 52 point total. Pipping his work colleague into fourth was Tim Thacker. Playing off 10, Tim also scored 16 in the morning and 36 in the afternoon but his better final six holes were what beat Dave. This was crucial in the League Cup standings as Tim had to finish in the top five to overtake current leader, Stewart Fairweather. With Stewart (and the other contenders for the prize) having a nightmare, Tim's par down the 27th and last hole of the day was critical and enough to secure the League Cup prize - very well done Tim.

Despite losing-out on the League Cup prize, Stewart did manage to secure the Nett Birdies League title by a considerable margin. No prizes for guessing who won the Gross Birdies League, Graham Bilsland took the prize for the 7th year in succession, actually score double the number of gross birdies of his nearest rival. Well played Stewart and Graham.

Back to the prizes on the day and third place went to Phil Latham playing off 21. Phil had an average morning scoring just 16 but a much better afternoon scoring 38 for a 54 point total. One clear of Phil was one of our newer members, Alan Heard. Enjoying a bit of Yorkshire-Lancashire 'Pennine Banter' with playing partner Anthony Jackson, Alan scored a superb 21 in the morning off his handicap of 14. He could not keep it up in the afternoon though, only scoring 34 for a 55 point tally and second place.

The winner, playing off a newly revised handicap of 11.3 (his club handicap had just been reduced to that) and taking his first BUNGS title was Mark Johnson. With a power though the ball not seen since James Shipman, Mark scored steady all day with 18 in the morning and an excellent 39 in the afternoon for a 57 point total - winning by 2 points - excellent play Mark, very well done.

An so ends the 2010/2011 BUNGS season - it's been another excellent year with some great golf courses being visited, some excellent turn-outs, excellent company and we will have raised over £1000 for Captain Dave Grubb's Charity. We've picked-up quite a few new members this year, many of whom have become attendees at nearly all the golf days, meaning our attendance numbers have been superb and will hopefully continue into next season. We may even have to start enforcing the maximum attendance number of 42 people at some next years event.

We start again for the 2011/2012 season in one month's time on the Llandudno trip and I look forward to seeing the other 31 attendees there.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
7th Par 3 183 yards Keith Wright £5
11th Par 3 151 yards Mark Johnson £5
11th Par 3 151 yards Graham Bilsland £5
16th Par 3 222 yards Stewart Fairweather £5

Captain's Trophy
Harborne Golf Club
- 22nd September 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

37 players were due at Harborne to contest this year's Captain's Trophy but only 36 players managed to make it to the club. For the second event in succession, John Evans got hopelessly lost but on this occasion, could not find the course at all, so went back home to Derby. Suffice to say, John has promised to buy himself a Sat Nav before our next event at Druid Heath.

After coffee and bacon rolls, 36 players were ready to contest for the money in the morning nine holes, well it would have been 36 players but, as predicted, Martyn Dodwell failed to materialise in the morning so we were down to just 35.

Despite reservations about the quality of the course by some people, I personally thought the course was very good indeed with a great mixture of long and short holes on undulating terrain with a heathland feel to some of the holes. The greens were sloping, full of breaks and fast meaning three putts were a regular occurrence. Some of the tees were a bit scrappy, especially those set in amongst the trees, but overall it was very enjoyable to play and a course we're sure to re-visit in the future.

Onto the morning scores and Bill Ball managed 18 points in third place taking £7 with Peter Meaney in second on 19 points pocketing a tenner. Also on 19 but with a better back six holes was Graham Thorpe in first place, taking home £18.

Martyn Dodwell finally arrived for lunch and after soup and sandwiches, it was 36 players heading back onto the first tee to compete for the Captain's Trophy. There were a few reservations when when Captain Dave Grubb announced that everyone would have to donate £1 to his charity for every point they scored more than him. Knowing Dave's habit of finishing near the end of the 'pack' with scores that, lets face it, most people's grannies could beat, there were concerns how much this would cost those who play well.

After taking the bulk of the money in the morning, Graham Thorpe must have been weighed down by all the pound coins, as he did the remarkable achievement of only managing to score 19 points in the afternoon 18 holes, the same total he managed over just 9 holes in the morning. Suffice to say he finished dead last. With Captain Dave Grubb scoring 25 points, those at the 'sharp end' were wondering how much their good play was going to cost them. Graham Bilsland must have had concerns at the financial burden to face him whilst on the 10th tee as he stood there 2 under gross with 21 points 'in the bag'. He fell apart on the back nine somewhat with just 12 points and finished back in 9th.

The first of the prize winners in fifth place was Steve Lloyd who scored 34 points off his handicap of 6 which was one point behind Gordon Galloway in fourth. Playing off 7, Gordon underwent a hip replacement earlier in the year and was a little unsure how it would hold-up in his first BUNGS event since the operation. He needn't have worried though with his very creditable 35 points, 18 out and 17 home.

In third place was Keith Wright in his first BUNGS event as a member (he has played once before as a guest). Earlier in the week Keith had informed us of a reduction in his club handicap from 22 to 19, so he must have been in good form. This was certainly the case as he scored 20 on the front nine of his new handicap and followed this with 16 on the final nine holes for a 36 point total.

In second place on the day was Stewart Fairweather who has been in fine form all season. Playing off 18, Stewart scored 19 on the front nine and 17 on the back nine for a 36 point total, beating Keith Wright with his better back nine. Although Stewart had the second best score on the day, he was the winner of the Captain's Trophy as John Martin, who scored 38 points, attended the event as a guest and guests are not eligible to win the trophy. I have already received John's application to join the society however (hopefully it won't be as easy to win next time John).

Well played John and well played Stewart who, with just one event to go, has taken the lead in the League Cup competition and also has also pretty much sewn-up the Nett Birdies League.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 119 yards Steve Lloyd £5
3rd Par 3 119 yards Mark Johnson £5
3rd Par 3 119 yards Karl Hughes £5
6th Par 3 168 yards Gordon Galloway £5
6th Par 3 168 yards Graham Bilsland £5
14th Par 3 166 yards Bill Hancock £5

BUNGS Shield
South Staffs Golf Clu
b - 18th August 2011
36 hole eclectic stableford (3/4 handicap)

31 players made the trip to Wolverhampton for the 2011 BUNGS Shield which is a 36 hole eclectic played off 3/4 handicap.

The weather forecast was atrocious so we were all relived that we made it round the course twice in dry conditions. The ground was hard and fast running the the greens were firm and fast and very tricky to putt on, especially downhill.

As always, some people played better than others but a mention must be given to our 2011 Captain, Dave Grubb in last place. Dave's struggles were summed up at the 18th where on both the morning AND afternoon rounds, he failed to get his tee shot past the ladies tee and was even behind the red markers after two 'swipes' in the afternoon. Despite this, Grubby refused to let 'Little Dave' make an appearance as is customary on these occasions!

Onto the right end of the scoreboard and on 39 points was Graham Bilsland, playing off 2, who managed the remarkable achievement of eagling two holes on the front nine. He made an eagle 3 on the par 5 5th for 5 points and then an eagle 2 on the par 4 8th for 4 points. Despite this Graham just missed-out on the prizes due to countback.

Graham made 39 points, the same score as Adam Thompson who scored 21 on the front 9 and 18 on the back 9 off his handicap of 5. It was Thommo's better back nine that secured 5th place ahead of Graham.

One point ahead, playing off 14, was Paul Herrmann scoring 21 on the front 9 and 19 on the back nine for his 40 points which was good enough to take £5 off the society secretary. Also on 40 points was Neil White, playing off 10. Neil scored a steady 20 points on each nine fir his third place. In second, one point further ahead, was Stuart Fairweather playing off 19. Stewart went out in 21 points and came home on 20 for his 41 point total.

Also on 41 but taking the title by virtue of a better back nine was Tim Thacker. Winning his second BUNGS event in succession, 'Jorge Ramiro' Thacker played off 11 and scored 19 on the front nine and 22 on the back nine for his winning total, well played Tim.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
2nd Par 3 152 yards Stewart Fairweather £5
2nd Par 3 152 yards Howard Holliday £5
6th Par 3 133 yards Bill Ball £5
6th Par 3 133 yards Neil White £5
6th Par 3 133 yards Howard Holliday £5
6th Par 3 133 yards Adam Thompson £5
8th Par 4 374 yards Graham Bilsland £5
11th Par 3 139 yards Neil White £5
11th Par 3 139 yards Adrian Marchant £5
11th Par 3 139 yards Paul Herrmann £5
15th Par 3 165 yards Tim Thacker £5

Pairs Championship
Hinckley Golf Club
- 20th July 2011
18 hole fourball-betterball stableford (3/4 handicap)

32 players arrived at Hinckley Golf club to contest this year's Pairs Championship. The course was in good condition and despite one brief shower, the weather was good. The pairs were drawn over bacon baguettes and it was onto the course.

The morning money was won by Howard Holliday and Adrian Marchant with 20 points, beating Tim Thacker and Graham Thorpe into second with a better back nine.

After some soup and enormous sandwiches for lunch, it was back out to contest the competition.

The first of he prizes went to two BUNGS members in their first 'season'. Peter Meaney and Gary Tyler, both playing off 20, scored a very steady 20 on the front nine and 21 on the back nine for a 41 point total. One point ahead were Jamie Moore (17) and Simon Hayward (12) who scored 20 on the front nine and 22 on the way home. Their score was assisted by Simon becoming a member of the BUNGS Hole in One Club with his 9 iron at the 12th.

Two points further ahead were Tim Thacker (11) and Graham Thorpe (23) who started like a train with 5 'three pointers' in the first six holes. They went on to score 23 on the front nine and 21 on the back nine for their 44 point total - well played fellas.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 129 yards Adrian Marchant £5
12th Par 3 137 yards Graham Bilsland £5
12th Par 3 137 yards Simon Hayward
(hole in one)

BUNGS Championship & BUNGS Masters
Copt Heath Golf Club
- 26th May 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap) - 27 holes for Masters Qualifiers

36 players contested this year’s BUNGS Championship at Copt Heath Golf Club with 12 of these players also competing for the 2011 BUNGS Masters title.   Copt Heath is a superb golf course with fast greens and more bunkers that you could ever need. The course was in excellent condition and despite the weather forecast saying heavy rain all day, we managed to get away with a few heavy showers.

Scoring during the morning ‘money’ 9 holes was pretty good with third going to Adam Thompson on 19. Also on 19 on second in his first BUNGS event was Ivan Wozniak but in first was Terry Tomkiss with an excellent 21 points.

After the customary soup and sandwich lunch, it was onto the afternoon round for the BUNGS Championship. The wind did pick-up in the afternoon and this made scoring on the back nine much tougher, so the overall points totals were down on the morning. This was especially true for Ivan Wozniak who could only match his 9 hole tally of 19 points over the full 18 in the afternoon.  

33 points was good enough to secure fifth place and this went to Tim Thacker, playing off 12. On 34 points in fourth was Craig Vale playing off 16 and he was beaten into third by Howard Holliday, playing off 6, with a better back nine.

One long standing BUNGS member yet to win an event is Alan Tolley. Alan has finished second on numerous occasions and on this occasion, things were no different for the unfortunate Alan. Although his 36 point total matched the winning score Alan, playing off 18, had to setting for second spot once again due to countback. Alan scored 20 on the front nine but only 36 on the back nine compared to Simon Hayward’s 15 on the front nine and 21 on the back nine.

Playing off 13, Simon took the second victory of his BUNGS ‘career’ and he also took the BUNGS Masters crown with his afternoon 36 points added to his 16 in the morning for a 52 point total. Second was Howard Holliday on 50 (16 & 23) and Adam Thompson was third, also on 50 (19 & 31).

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
3rd Par 3 186 yards Shaun Mullaney £10
3rd Par 3 186 yards Adrian Marchant £10
13th Par 3 149 yards Simon Hayward £10

BUNGS Memorial Salver
Notts (Hollinwell) Golf Club
- 28th April 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

36 BUNGS members plus one guest made their way to Notts Golf Club to contest this year's Memorial Salver. The weather was very good (albeit a little windy) and the course was in superb condition. The green were pretty fast and three putting was common place (so-called six handicapper Steve Lloyd three putted five times in the first nine holes of the afternoon round).

The scoring for the morning was pretty good and the money was taken by Craig Vale in third, Graham Bilsland in second and Graham Thorpe in first.

After the standard fayre of soup and sandwiches, it was onto the afternoon competition. Bobby Ho did not have the best of days. He started with three 'two pointers' but then an attack of the dreaded shanks meant he blobbed the next three and rather than continue hacking the ball at 45 degrees, he decided to walk in and call it a day.

In fifth place was Bobby playing partner, Simon Hayward who scored 35 points (17 out and 18 back) off his handicap of 14. One point ahead of Simon were Steve Harris, Gordon Galloway and Bill Hancock. Steve, playing off 8 had to settle for fourth on countback after scoring 20 out and 16 back. Gordon Galloway (handicap 8) must have thought his 21 points on the back nine would be good enough to beat anyone on countback, but he finished in third as Bill Hancock (handicap 15) also has 21 on the back nine and beat Gordon into second with a better 'back six'. Bill is very much our form player with a win, second and third in his last three events. A handicap review must surely be due Bill!

The winner, two points clear on 38 points was Craig Vale, playing off 18. Craig scored 20 on the front nine and 18 on the back nine for his impressive total on a tough golf course. Well played Valey.

Craig was not the highest points scored at Hollinwell though. Our guest for the day, Richard Coverdale, scored a superb 39 points off his handicap of 6 (a gross 75 with two double bogeys on the card). Unfortunately for Richard, guests cannot win the main prizes or take the trophy, so he had to settle for two of the nearest the pins and some cash for his 2 at the 5th. Well played Richard, an excellent score.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
5th Par 3 165 yards Richard Coverdale £10
9th Par 3 149 yards Jamie Moore £10

The Enterprise Cup
Lingdale Golf Club
- 1st April 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

33 players made their way to Lingdale Golf Club for this years Enterprise Cup. The weather was good, remaining dry all day the it warmed-up as the day went on making it a very pleasant spring day. Overall the course was in good condition for the time of year and the greens were pretty fast and a good test, many three putts were recorded. I gather there were a few grumblings about the quality of the course, but you chaps have got to remember that we can't play 'top notch' courses every event otherwise costs would have to increase dramatically.

The morning scoring was pretty steady and 16 points was good enough for third and was taken by Tim Thacker. One point ahead in second was Bobby Ho and the winner, on 19 points, was Karl Hughes. Outside the money was Bill Hancock but he has the biggest smile at lunchtime after he made his first ever hole in one on the 7th hole. Bill hit a good 7 iron that pitched on the front of the green and ran all the way into the cup - well done Mr Hancock. Bill's achievement has been recorded on outr new hole in one club page.

After lunch it was onto the afternoon competition. In fifth place on 32 points, playing of a handicap of 18 was Craig Vale. One ahead of Craig on 33 points were Shaun Mullaney and Bill Hancock. Bill, playing off 15, pipped Shaun (handicap 4) into third with a better back nine.

Three points further ahead and continuing his fine form was Jamie Moore on 36 points. Playing off 18, Jamie scored 19 on the front 9 and 17 on the back nine for his second place.

Four points ahead of Jamie and, let's be honest, thrashing the rest of us was current society Captain, Dave Grubb, playing off 24. Dave scored a whopping 22 points on the front 9 and followed this with 18 on the back nine for his 40 point total. A very well deserved victory - well played Dave - enjoy your 4 shot handicap reduction.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
7th Par 3 147 yards Dave Grubb £10
16th Par 3 186 yards Bobby Ho £10
18th Par 3 148 yards Paul Herrmann £10

Early Year Opener
Coxmoor Golf Club
- 14th March 2011
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

An excellent turn-out of 38 people headed North for the first BUNGS event of 2011 at Coxmoor Golf Club. After coffee and the mad scramble for bacon rolls, it was onto the important business of the Captain's drive-in.

As Coxmoor were starting us off the 10th tee (a par three) the normal Captain's drive-in had to be re-jigged so 2011 Captain, Dave Grubb, had a free hit off the proper first tee prior to commencing his round. 40 guesses were made as to how far his drive would go, ranging from 30 to 268 yards. The 268 was guessed by new member, Gary Tyler, who had obviously never seen Grubby swing a club. The 30 yard guess was from Society Secretary, Steve Lloyd, who knew full well what might happen.

With over 30 people watching, Grubby started his 'majestic' backswing and launched himself into the ball, topping it along the ground. However, as the first hole is all downhill, his ball somehow managed to scuttle past 30 yards, past the 70 yards guessed by Steve Harris and ended-up 102 yards from the tee. The nearest guess was 110 yards from someone not even present on the day. Graham Thorpe was down in Somerset await the birth of his first grandchild so had to miss the golf day, but will be able to send his £30 winnings on gifts for the impending new arrival. The remaining £10 went to the Captain's charity.

Onto the proper golf and the course was a bit wet and soggy in places and the greens were far from ideal, but that was to be expected in early March and the quality of the layout more than made-up for it - Coxmoor is an excellent golf course.

The weather was cold but at least it remained dry and scoring was pretty good, at the top half of the field anyway.

Scoring 36 points off a handicap of 19 was Stewart Fairweather who narrowly missed-out on a prize due to countback. The first prize winner in fifth place was last year's most improved player, Jamie Moore. Playing off 18, Jamie scored 36 points which was also the total of Graham Bilsland who played off 2. Just as Jamie beat Stewart into fifth on countback, Graham beat Jamie into fourth with his better back nine.

Third place was taken by Jeff Sackett who scored 37 points off his handicap of 17 and he was beaten into second on countback by Howard Holliday, playing off 5. Howard scored 19 on his back nine which beat Jeff's 16.

The winner was the man who organises the starting groups, Bill Hancock, who playing off a handicap of 16 and scored 21 on his front nine and 17 on his back nine for a 38 point total and his first victory in four years. Well played Bill but the lack of a 'Kipper Tie' joke during the presentation was disappointing.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
2nd Par 3 169 yards Bill Ball £10
10th Par 3 152 yards Mike Fox £10

The Christmas Cup
Maxstoke Park Golf Club
- 16th December 2010
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

The cold weather and a raging flu bug took their toll on the BUNGS contingent prior to the Christmas Cup at Maxstoke Park. On the Monday there were due to be 30 people attending but by Thursday, only 22 hardy soles arrived at the golf club.

The weather was cold and damp but considering the snow we have both before and after the event, we were very luck with the weather. The course was damp in places but in pretty good condition for the time of year.

Playing in the final group and finishing around 45 minutes behind the penultimate group was Dave Jones who managed to finish fourth, despite an inch of snow falling whilst they played the final two holes. Playing off 24, Dave scored 17 on the front nine and 15 on the back nine for a 32 point total. Also on 32 points but with a better back nine was Phil Latham who scored an even 16 points on each half off his handicap of 21.

One ahead of Phil on 33 points was Wayne Stoddard who scored 17 on the front nine and 16 on the back nine off a handicap of 7. A full 3 points clear of Wayne and also playing off 7 was Bill Ball who scored a very tidy 18 points on each nine for his 36 point total and his inaugral BUNGS title, one of many I'm sure - well played Bill.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
9th Par 3 194 yards Wayne Stoddard £20

The Cliff Thompson Salver
Woodhall Spa
- 19th & 20th November 2010
18 hole stableford (full handicap)

The first event of the 2010/2011 season took BUNGS to Woodhall Spa for their bi-annual trip. 27 members plus one guest made the early morning trip through the fog to arrive at the club for a hearty breakfast prior to heading onto the Bracken course for the Friday fourball-betterballs.

The Bracken course was a little damp in places but in excellent condition and the greens were fast and true, very good for October - the biggest problem was the fog.

Everyone put £2 in the pot and prize money went to the top two pairs. Second place went to Howard Holliday and Dave Grubb on 40 points and the winners, one point ahead, were John Shaw and Bobby Ho.

After a few drinks at the golf club, everyone made the very short drive to the Woodhall Spa Hotel. An excellent evening meal and a few more drinks saw everyone in bed before midnight, ready to tackle the challenge of The Hotchkin course on Saturday morning.

The fog remained overnight and it was an eerie look to the first hole of The Hotchkin, looking through the mist - at least this meant you couldn't see the cavernous bunkers. The course was in superb condition as always and you can certainly see what it is regularly voted one of the best inland courses in Britain.

Fifth place overall went to John Shaw, playing off a handicap of 5 with 33 points but John took the fourth BUNGS spot as it was our guest, Mick Warren, who finished ahead of John, also on 33 points beating John on countback.

One clear of John and Mick in third place was Stewart Fairweather on 34 points and a two further clear, continuing his from from the previous day, was Bobby Ho on 35 points off his handicap of 13.

The winner was Bobby's roommate, Howard Holliday. Playing off a handicap of 6, Howard scored an excellent 38 points on a very challenging course to take the 2010 Cliff Thompson Salver - well played Howard.

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Gross 2's Scored by the following
5th Par 3 143 yards John Shaw £10
5th Par 3 143 yards Stewart Fairweather £10
12th Par 3 162 yards Bobby Ho £10

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