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Captain's Page 2018

Breast Cancer Care

Adrian Marchant's Captain's Page 2018

Raising money for Breast Cancer Care

This year the Captain's Charity will be raising funds for Breast Cancer Care.

Adrian Marchant, BUNGS Captain 2018 Adrian Marchant, BUNGS Captain 2018

My partner Clare was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in October of 2012 after being in remission for four years. In September last year our Consultant advised us that if we had a rainy day fund it would be a good idea to use it sooner rather than later as Clare's cancer is terminal. It's fair to say his words have had a profound effect on us. After hearing the news rather than feeling Christmas may be our last together we decided to make it our best Christmas. It was absolutely fantastic!

The first few months of 2018 have involved many a visit to hospitals in Reading, Oxford and London for chemotherapy, bone injections and as recently as Friday to have Gamma Knife Surgery after 11 lesions were found in Clare's head. The treatment appears barbaric when they attach a metal cage to the head but that's to keep the head still while the gamma rays target the lesions. After Clare spent five and a half hours in the machine it's fingers crossed it has done the job.

Based on everything that has happened and the simply incredible care we have received I am hoping to raise £1,500 for Breast Cancer Care.  

Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist UK-wide charity in the UK providing care, support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer. The charity's headquarters are in London, with additional offices in Sheffield, Cardiff, and Glasgow.

Our vision

We want every person affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support.

What we do

We combine the personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise, using this in a unique way to:
- provide information on living with and beyond breast cancer
- offer emotional and practical support through our services and Helpline
- bring people affected by breast cancer together through our services and Forum
- campaign for improvement in standards of support and care
- promote the importance of early detection.

How we work

We focus our work on the unique experience of each individual affected by breast cancer.

We involve people with breast cancer in all that we do.

We use our understanding of the emotional and practical issues facing people affected by breast cancer alongside our clinical expertise.


Breast Cancer Care was founded by Betty Westgate on Christmas Eve, 1973, five years after her own diagnosis of breast cancer in 1968.


Based on everything that has happened and the simply incredible care we have received I am hoping to raise £1,500 for Breast Cancer Care.

A few of the activities for this season are The Captain's Challenge, The Majors Competition (same as last year), A World Cup Competition (top scorer & winning team) and in addition the fact I am planning to walk from my home to the Captain's Day in September. A distance of 70 miles.

Anyways that's everything from me for now.


Captain's Update - August 2018

Prior to Captain's day in September, I will be walking 108 kilometres from Inglesham, Wiltshire to Walmley Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield. I will leave at 8am on Tuesday 11th September with the intention of arriving 24 hours later on Wednesday 12th September ready to tee off in the BUNGS Captain's Trophy.

To read more and to donate, please visit my Just Giving page at:

Thank you.

Adrian Marchant
BUNGS Captain 2018


Current Charity Total for 2018

CURRENT TOTAL £10,000.00
Sherwood Forest Golf Day - 9th March 2018 £309.00
Lilleshall Hall Golf Day - 6th April 2018 £135.00
Cavendish Golf Day - 3rd May 2018 £200.00
Tadmarton Heath Golf Day - 1st June 2018 £200.00
Society Tour to Yorkshire - 16th to 19th June 2018 £160.00
Handsworth Golf Day - 20th July 2018 £280.00
Longcliffe Golf Day - 17th August 2018 £310.00
Walmley Golf Day - 12th September 2018 £525.00
The Leicestershire Golf Day - 11th October 2018 £117.00
Woodhall Spa Winter Trip - 16th & 17th November 2018 £130.00
Maxstoke Park Golf Day - 13th December 2018 £207.50
Captain's Charity Walk (including Gift Aid amount) £6388.88
World Cup competition profit £175.00
Majors competition profit £225.00
Ryder Cup competition profit £120.00
Other donations throughout the year £517.62
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