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2010 Challenge Cup Match

The 2010 Challenge Cup Match

Barton under Needwood Golf Society versus Friends Golf Society

Wednesday 12th May 2010

Enville Golf Club

The inaugural match took place on 12th May 2010 at Enville Golf Club/

The team for this year's match

Brian Keates (Wildcard pick as Society & Team Captain)
Dave Grubb (Earned place from finishing 2nd in 2009 League Cup)
Steve Lloyd (Earned place from finishing joint 6th in 2009 League Cup)
Tim Thacker (Earned place from finishing joint 6th in 2009 League Cup)
Karl Hughes (Earned place from finishing joint 10th in 2009 League Cup)
Ivan Heathcote (Earned place from finishing joint 12th in 2009 League Cup)
Simon Hayward (Earned place from finishing joint 13th in 2009 League Cup)
Ian Talboys (Earned place from finishing joint 14th in 2009 League Cup)
John Haley (Earned place from finishing joint 18th in 2009 League Cup)
Mike Fox (Earned place from finishing joint 25th in 2009 League Cup)
Bill Hancock (Earned place from finishing joint 27th in 2009 League Cup)
Graham Thorpe (Wildcard pick)

After meeting with the Friends Golf Society players over coffee and bacon baguettes, the two team captains announced their pairings for the morning fourball-betterball matches and it was off to the first tee of The Lodge course.

Morning fourball-betterballs

Gary Arnold and Vic Holier beat Tim Thacker and Karl Hughes 2/1
Chris Christoforou and Socrates Efstathio beat Brian Keates and Ivan Heathcote 6/5
Jason Nicolaou and George Markou beat Steve Lloyd and Ian Talboys 2/1
Bill Hancock and John Haley beat Steve Efstathio and Sean Wiggins 1up
Andy Wassell and Andy Faulkner beat Graham Thorpe and Mike Fox 3/1
Don Gardner and Peter Christoforou beat Simon Hayward and Dave Grubb 2up

Morning Score - Friends - 5 / BUNGS - 1

It was a severe thrashing for the BUNGS contingent with some excellent play from the Friends players and things were looking pretty grim for us. With 12 points to play for in the afternoon, there was still the chance of a fightback, so after soup and sandwiches at lunchtime, it was off to the first tee of The Highgate course for the singles.

Afternoon singles

Steve Lloyd beat Socrates Efstathio 3/2
Ivan Heathcote beat Chris Christoforou 4/2
Brian Keates beat Vic Holier 6/5
Tim Thacker half Steve Efstathio A/S
Jason Nicolaou beat Graham Thorpe 3/2
Ian Talboys beat Sean Wiggins 7/6
Gary Arnold beat Karl Hughes 1up
Simon Hayward beat Peter Christoforou 6/4
Dave Grubb beat Andy Wassell 2/1
Don Gardner beat Bill Hancock 4/3
George Markou beat John Haley 2/1
Mike Fox beat Andy Faulkner 1up

Afternoon Score - Friends - 4.5 / BUNGS - 7.5


Final Score

Friends - 9.5 / BUNGS - 8.5

So a fightback from BUNGS did happen but it just wasn't quite enough as Friends held on to a deserved victory.

After the meal, Friends Captain, Vic Holier, accepted the trophy from BUNGS Captain Brian Keates who then issue the challenge to Friends Golf Society for 2011 and a very successful day ended. We await information as to when and where we are going to compete in 2011.

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