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BUNGS Handicapping System

List of current BUNGS Handicaps, differentials and prize adjustments can be seen here.

For the start of the 2022/23 season, we are introducing a new handicapping system that is broadly based on the WHS format, but with some adjustments to give those who have been in the prizes in the past two years a further reduction. This will hopefully help spread the prizes around a bit more.

This is how it works:

Your Handicap Index is calculated by averaging the best 8 score differentials out of the most recent 20 within your scoring record. (It's a different calculation for those with less than 20 scores on record, see below for further details).We have gone back six seasons and calculated score differentials from previous events.

We then take this Handicap Index and it is reduced as follows for those who have appeared within the prizes during the past two calendar years:

A Win 1.6 shot reduction (1.2 for the pairs event or 20 or fewer attendees)
2nd Place 1.2 shot reduction (0.8 for the pairs event or 20 or fewer attendees)
3rd Place 0.8 shot reduction (0.4 for the pairs event or 20 or fewer attendees)
4th Place 0.4 shot reduction
Matchplay knockout winner 1.0 shot reduction
League Cup winner 1.0 shot reduction

If you win or appear in the prizes several times during the two year period, then the reduction is added together (e.g if you have a first (1.6) a third (0.8) and a fourth (0.4) then your handicap will be reduced by 2.8.

BUNGS Handicap Index

This revised figure (Handicap Index less prize adjustment) will become your BUNGS Handicap Index. At each golf day your BUNGS Handicap Index will determine how many shots you get, depending on the course slope rating. This is called your course handicap and is calculated by:

This will all be done for you and shown on your scorecard.

The committee have agreed to play off the 95% course handicap in our individual stableford competitions. It will be 85% of course handicap for the pairs and eclectic events.

A players course handicap will be calculating from the lowest of either your BUNGS Index or WHS Index (if applicable).
What is a score differential?

The difference between a player’s adjusted gross score and the Course Rating, taking account of Slope Rating. It is the value ‘played to’ on a specific course on a specific day. The differential is calculated by taking the adjusted gross score (where anything above a nett double bogey reverts to a nett double bogey) and then reduce by the course rating. This is then multiplied by 113 divided by the slope rating). This is the formula:


Less than 20 scores in your record

If your record does not have 20 scores on it already, a modified calculation will be carried out to provide you with a Handicap Index.  The below table highlights how this will be done: 

WHS Calculations chart


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