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Matchplay Knockout 2019

Matchplay Knockout 2019

This year's competition has been won by Alan Heard who defeated Graham Thorpe (3/2) in the final at The Belfry, well played Alan.


Final Result

Alan Heard beat Graham Thorpe (3/2) at The Belfry (PGA National)

Semi Final Results

Alan Heard beat Mark Johnson (5/3) at Enville Golf Club
Graham Thorpe beat Bobby Ho (2/1) at Chevin Golf Club

Quarter Final Results

Graham Thorpe beat Jeff Sackett (2up) at Whittington Heath Golf Club
Mark Johnson beat Neil Preston (19th) at Burton on Trent Club
Alan Heard beat Steve Barkshire (2up) at Sitwell Park Golf Club
Bobby Ho beat Gary Tyler (6/5) at Chevin Golf Club

1st Round Results

Bobby Ho beat Phil Latham (21st) at Clyne Golf Club
Gary Tyler beat Peter Meaney at Southerndown Golf Club
Graham Thorpe beat Jeff Thacker (19th) at Lichfield Golf & Country Club
Alan Heard beat Wayne Tandy (BYE)
Neil Preston beat Tim Thacker (BYE)
Mark Johnson beat John Mansell (2/1) at Beau Desert Golf Club
Steve Barkshire beat Gordon Galloway (1up) at Coxmoor Golf Club
Jeff Sackett beat Neil Smith (4/3) at Erewash Valley Golf Club




We are now taking entries for the 2018 BUNGS matchplay knockout.  This competition will take the same format as previous years, with a draw for the entire competition being made at the forthcoming Sherwood Forest golf day. The final date for entries will be 12 noon on Thursday 8th March.

Further Information

We organise an annual society matchplay competition for our members to contest.

Each match is to be played over 18 holes, with a full handicap difference allowance as recommended by the English Golf Union. i.e. If player A has a handicap of 20 and player B has a handicap of 10; then player A will receive 10 shots (1 shot each on stroke index holes 1 to 10). The final is to be played home and away over 36 holes or over 18 holes at a neutral venue.

All players still in the competition will receive a list of contact numbers for the other players.  Each tie will have the ‘home’ player pre-drawn and the players have the following choices as to how they want the match to be contested:

The preferable option is for the match to be played at the ‘home’ player’s club.  If the ‘home’ player is not a member of a golf club, then he can either find a suitable neutral venue to play the match or agree to play the match at his opponents club (assuming your opponent is a club member).

If the match cannot be arranged outside of ‘society time’, then the match can be played over the 18 holes concurrently with the stableford competition at the next available society day.  If I can see that a match hasn’t been played, then I’ll do my best to group opponents together for a golf day so the match can be played.

As a last resort, if you don’t want to play the match over the 18 holes with the stableford competition, then it could be played over the 9 hole practice in the morning.

Conditions of Entry - Please Read

Although people have to be flexible and it’s ultimately up to the two players to decide when to play, matches should ideally be played either at weekends or weekday late afternoons/early evenings. If the only time you can play is during NORMAL working hours, DO NOT ENTER THE COMPETITION. It’s not reasonable to expect your opponent to take time off work if you are not willing to play at other times yourself.

If drawn away, you must be willing to play at your opponent’s course (if within a reasonable travelling time). You cannot refuse to play a course just because you don’t like it. Failure to comply will mean you forfeit the match.

Matches must be played by the dates set to meet the round deadlines (which will be set when the number of entrants is known). The player drawn at home should make initial contact with his opponent within one week of receiving the draw information (or within one week of the deadline from the previous round). If neither player makes the effort to contact each other to arrange the game then, unless there are special circumstances, both players will be disqualified.

Results from previous matchplay knockout competitions


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