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South Wales Tour 2019

BUNGS Tour 2019 - South Wales

15th to 18th June 2019

32 members drove down to South Wales in sunshine on a lovely Saturday afternoon as the Bungs returned to the Stradey Park Hotel for this year’s Society Summer Tour.

The teams lined up as follows with 2 new debutants, Ian Ronson and guest Craig Fallon, plus a substitute in Andy Smith for (Gordon Sullivan) for the first days play.

Steve Lloyd's Team Black H'Cap Tour Win % Challenger Graham Thorpe's Team Blue H'Cap Tour Win %
Steve Lloyd 6.7 61.6 Graham Thorpe 23.5 50.0
Phil Latham, Vice Capt 14.1 58.0 Adrian Marchant, Vice Capt 12.5 53.9
Kevin Morris 1.2 64.0 John Shaw 3.6 58.6
Howard Holliday 5.3 63.4 Adam Thompson 4.3 60.4
Martyn Dodwell 8.0 64.3 Karl Hughes 6.4 57.2
Alan Heard 9.1 55.7 Gordon Galloway 8.0 56.7
James Shipman 10.0 50.1 Peter Meaney 7.6 44.3
Tim Thacker 11.1 54.9 Steve Harris 10.0 44.4
Darren Minor 10.7 25.0 Alex Tolley 12.5 65.0
Mark Johnson 11.9 33.8 Jamie Moore 12.6 59.0
Craig Vale 13.2 63.5 Bobby Ho 13.2 44.0
Craig Fallon 14.0 n/a Kevin Armitt 13.8 80.0
Gary Tyler 14.2 72.9 John Martin 16.0 30.0
Steven Raji 16.8 60.0 Alan Tolley 18.4 50.0
Ian Ronson 17.5 n/a John Haley 20.1 55.9
John Mansell 25.9 37.7 Gordon Sullivan 26.8 41.7
AVERAGE 11.9 54.6 AVERAGE 13.2 53.2
The two teams
The two teams

Having arrived in sun many members made their way to the local Indian restaurant for an evening meal. Whilst drinking them dry of beer and enjoying our meals, the heavens opened outside and a fleet of taxis were ordered to get the golfers back to the Hotel.

Sunday 16th June 2019 - morning
Machynys Peninsula Golf Club - 9 holes

8 x greensomes matches

The monsoon conditions from the previous evening had subsided but they like their water down here, so a misty damp day greeted us as we made our way to our first course and challenge. We started in rain but all the matches finished in windy drying conditions.

Kevin Morris & James Shipman beat Graham Thorpe & Adam Thompson 5/3
Craig Vale & Craig Fallon beat Adrian Marchant & Karl Hughes 3/1
Howard Holliday & Phil Latham beat Andy Smith & Jamie Moore 1up
Steve Raji & Gary Tyler lost to Alan Tolley & Alex Tolley 2/1
Mark Johnson & Ian Ronson beat John Haley & Bobby Ho 2up
Alan Heard & Tim Thacker beat John Shaw & Kevin Armitt 1up
Steve Lloyd & John Mansell lost to Peter Meaney & John Martin 3/1
Martyn Dodwell & Darren Minor lost to Gordon Galloway & Steve Harris 2up

The Captain’s team made a strong start winning five matches out of the first six pairings, but the challengers won the last two matches to end the morning with a deficit of two points. The Challengers Captain’s match had finished early so he could contemplate his strategy for the afternoon over several refreshments before lunch.

The Tolley partnership came good again and maintained their unbeaten sequence in pairs matchplay whilst both Captains suffered defeat in their first matches.

Session Score - Captain's Team - 5 / Challenger's Team - 3

After the first joust the Captains team led the Challengers by a two points. All the matches had been hardfort  over  9 holes in the morning session in windy conditions and the threat of more rain.


Foxy was there afterall!
Foxy was there afterall!

Sunday 16th June 2019 - afternoon
Machynys Peninsula Golf Club - 18 holes

8 x fourball-betterball matches

The Weather was windy with squally showers in the afternoon as the teams commenced after a short lunch break for some.

Before the third group were about to tee off a violent attack was committed by one of the Mike Fox family. With the Canadian geese in large numbers by the waters edge were suddenly scattered as “foxy” came out of the rough and grabbed one of the parents.

Congratulations to Karl Hughes who snapped the result.

Howard Holliday & Craig Vale beat Adrian Marchant & Adam Thompson 3/2
Phil Latham & Mark Johnson lost to Andy Smith & Alan Tolley 4/3
Gary Tyler & Alan Heard beat Karl Hughes & John Haley 2/1
Tim Thacker & Kevin Morris lost to Jamie Moore & Graham Thorpe 3/2
Steve Raji & John Mansell lost to Bobby Ho & Peter Meaney 2up
James Shipman & Darren Minor lost to Steve Harris & Alex Tolley 5/4
Craig Fallon & Martyn Dodwell lost to Gordon Galloway & John Shaw 4/3
Ian Ronson & Steve Lloyd beat John Martin & Kevin Morris 3/2

The Challengers team eventually got going with some inspirational performances.

Alan Tolley and Andy Smith led the way with the first point with a resounding 4 & 3 win against Phil Latham and Mark Johnson. Captain Thorpe and partner Jamie Moore surprised Tim Thacker and Kevin Morris winning 3 & 2 with Jamie inspired over the last nine holes with his coloured balls!

Bobby Ho and Peter Meaney closed the door on Steve Raji and John Mansell finishing 2 up. Steve Harris and Alex Tolley good match players won 5 & 4 against James Shipman and Darren Minor and John Shaw with Gordon Galloway beat Martyn Dodwell and Craig Fallon 4 & 3.

The Captain’s team had three successes Howard Holliday and Craig Vale won the first match 3 & 2 against Adam Thompson and Adrian Marchant (Vice), ” I will have to take him to one side this evening !”

Gary Tyler and Alan Heard beat Karl Hughes and John Haley 2 &1 and in the last match Captain Steve Lloyd and rookie Ian Ronson won 3 & 2 against John Martin and Kevin Armitt (where has your Tour invincibility gone Kevin ?)

Session Score - Captain's Team - 3 / Challenger's Team - 5

Cumulative Match Score - Captain's Team - 8 / Challenger's Team - 8


Leading players after Day 1 from each team

Captain's Team

Four players have won 2 from 2:
Howard Holliday; Alan Heard; Craig Vale and Ian Ronson .  

Challenger's Team

Five players have won 2 from 2:
Alan Tolley;  Alex Tolley;  Peter Meaney;  Steve Harris and Gordon Galloway.


After dinner both Captains had a few words of encouragement for the winners and after announcing the players with a 100% win records from the first day, the Challengers Captain produced another list from his team of 100% losers. These 5 players will remain incognito in this report but they know who they are, don’t you Vice Captain and friends Adam, Karl, Kevin and John.

Monday 17th June 2019 - morning
Ashburnham Golf Club - 18 holes

8 x foursomes matches

The weather was a little better the rain was not as fast as yesterdays but just as wet.

The first hole was a short par 3 so everyone was on their game and yesterday’s scores were history.

Howard Holliday & James Shipman beat John Shaw & Steve Harris 5/4
Phil Latham & John Mansell lost to Peter Meaney & Alan Tolley 5/4
Steve Lloyd & Martyn Dodwell beat Graham Thorpe & Gordon Galloway 3/1
Tim Thacker & Mark Johnson half John Haley & Alex Tolley A/S
Ian Ronson & Steven Raji lost to Gordon Sullivan & Adrian Marchant 1up
Alan Heard & Darren Minor lost to Adam Thompson & Karl Hughes 2/1
Craig Fallon & Gary Tyler lost to Bobby Ho & Kevin Armitt 5/4
Kevin Morris & Craig Vale lost to Jamie Moore & John Martin 2/1

The first group saw a convincing win for the Captain’s team of Howard Holliday and James Shipman winning 5 &4. Howard suffered a blow to his ankle on the 2nd hole as Steve Harris took the loss of the first hole too seriously. The Challengers team hit back in the second group also recording a 5 & 4 result. In this match Vice Captain Phil Latham on the 2nd hole managed to hit a moving car travelling over the fairway but the driver did not stop which may have been fortunate. Challengers Alan Tolley and Peter Meaney were back in the clubhouse for an early lunch. Alan making up for the previous days short lunch time.  With Captain Lloyd and “Dodders” beating Challengers Captain and our rugged scotsman  gay Gordon in the next match suddenly the results started to change with Challengers team winning the last four matches and halving one to give them a three point lead at lunch time.

In the last match to finish the morning foursomes some ladies who were cleaning up the balconies over looking the 18th had to take cover as both Ian Ronson and Steve Raji hit the clubhouse with their second shots. Also on the same hole Gordon Sullivan managed a fresh air shot just to keep the ladies on their toes.

Session Score - Captain's Team - 2.5 / Challenger's Team - 5.5

Cumulative Match Score - Captain's Team - 10.5 / Challenger's Team - 13.5


Monday 17th June 2019 - afternoon
Ashburnham Golf Club - 18 holes

8 x fourball-betterball matches

Martyn Dodwell & John Mansell lost to John Shaw & Peter Meaney 2/1
Tim Thacker & James Shipman half Steve Harris & Graham Thorpe A/S
Steve Lloyd & Phil Latham beat Alan Tolley & Alex Tolley 2/1
Howard Holliday & Darren Minor lost to Gordon Galloway & Adrian Marchant 1up
Mark Johnson & Craig Fallon lost to Adam Thompson & Kevin Armitt 6/5
Ian Ronson & Kevin Morris lost to Gordon Sullivan & Karl Hughes 2/1
Gary Tyler & Craig Vale lost to Bobby Ho & Jamie Moore 2/1
Alan Heard & Steve Raji beat John Haley & John Martin 3/2

The afternoon was fine and the leading pairs set off down the par 3. The Challengers team of John Shaw and Peter Meaney were triumphant giving the team a good start.

The second match saw a close encounter which finished all square. Steve and Phil beat the Tolley boys 2 &1 in the third game.  Then the Challengers team turned the screw winning the next four ties with Adam Thompson turned in a superb performance with his partner Kevin Armitt winning 6 &5 in their match. The final game went to the Captains team of Alan Heard and Steve Raji winning 3 & 2.

Session Score - Captain's Team - 2.5 / Challenger's Team - 5.5

Cumulative Match Score - Captain's Team - 13 / Challenger's Team - 19


Another good afternoon for the Challengers team finishing with a 6 point lead going into the singles matches on the final day.

Leading players after Day 2 from each team

Captain's Team

All the Captain’s team lost their 100% records, leaving 3 players with 3 from 4
Steve Lloyd; Howard Holliday and Alan Heard.

Challenger's Team

Peter Meaney was the only player with 4 from 4 record but Gordon Sullivan has 2 from 2.


Two notable incidents from the afternoon, visitor Craig Fallon nearly hit Howard Holliday on the 8th hole and Darren Minor’s  tee shot from the 17th hit the Challengers Captain’s buggy on the 18th Fairway.

Following on from the previous dinner The Challengers Captain praised his losers from day 1 on his team as 4 of them had two wins in the day and John rescued a point too. Keep it up.

Do you want the pin attended in or out?
Do you want the pin attended in or out?

Tuesday 18th June 2019
Southerndown Golf Club - 18 holes

16 x singles matches

Early breakfast and we journeyed to Southerndown Golf Club which was a new experience for the BUNGS members. On arrival at the clubhouse  the weather was breezy but fine and much warmer.

Now Wales is famous for being wet, ,green green grass  from home and sheep!

As we surveyed the first hole up a steep hill the fairway was filled with sheep  which were employed to keep the rough and fairways in check. They only need a mower for the greens.

As you can imagine Adrian was in his element  (see web site what he does to sheep!), let us hope he concentrates on his golf first.

Steve Lloyd half Graham Thorpe A/S
Phil Latham beat Adrian Marchant 6/4
Gary Tyler beat Peter Meaney 2up
James Shipman lost to Steve Harris 4/3
Tim Thacker beat Alex Tolley 1up
Darren Minor beat Alan Tolley 1up
Ian Ronson lost to Karl Hughes 5/4
Craig Fallon lost to John Shaw 4/2
Kevin Morris lost to Kevin Armitt 2/1
Alan Heard beat Jamie Moore 3/2
Craig Vale beat John Martin 2/1
Steve Raji lost to Bobby Ho 6/5
Howard Holliday lost to Gordon Galloway 1up
Mark Johnson lost to John Haley 4/3
Martyn Dodwell half Adam Thompson A/S
John Mansell half Gordon Sullivan A/S

The first pairs out were the two Captains and  the  two vice captains. The Challengers Captain took an early lead and was 1 up at the turn. Then he fell away for several  holes tackling the gorse bushes instead of hitting it down the middle but came on strong and went back into the lead after the 17th. Captain Lloyd wasn’t taking it lying down and after a great drive achieved par on the last to finish the match ALL SQUARE.

The Vice Captain,s match was not as close with too much distraction for “Vice Marchant “ who lost his concentration and kept going into the gorse bushes with his shaggy friends ! Coming back battered and bruised he lost to Phil Latham 6 & 4 who concentrated on his golf not his surroundings.

In the next pairings Gary Tyler won 2 & ! against the unbeaten Peter Meaney for the Captain’s team after being 2 down after 14 holes; and Steve Harris took the point for the Challengers team  beating James Shipman 4 & 3.

The Tolley’s were out next for the Challengers Team and both suffered defeat.  Tim Thacker beat Alex Tolley 1 up although he had been 3 down with 5 to play; and Darren Minor beat Alan Tolley 2 & 1.

At this moment in time the Captains team had 4.5 pts and the Challengers 1.5 pts.

Should I be worried? Not as confident as I was at the start.

My big guns or (_ankers!) were out next and were expected to deliver.

Karl Hughes won 6 & 5 against Ian Ronson,  John Shaw won 4 & 2 against Chris Fallon and Kevin Armitt hit form again beating Kevin Morris 2 & 1.  Teams are level on 4.5 pts each. The Challengers need 1 more point.

The Captain’s team go back in front with two more wins.  Alan Heard beat Jamie Moore 3 & 2, and Craig Vale beat John Martin 2 & 1.

The smallest man on the golf course then came good with Bobby Ho getting that 5th point for the Challengers team as he beat Steve Raji 6 & 5 and then Gordon Galloway added the topping beating Howard Holliday 1 up just having Howard fight back from four down,  and John Haley beat Mark Johnson 4 & 3.

The final two matches finished all square, between Martyn Dodwell and Adam Thompson and the buggy men John Mansell and Gordon Sullivan. 

Session Score - Captain's Team - 7.5 / Challenger's Team - 8.5

Final Match Score - Captain's Team - 20.5 / Challenger's Team - 27.5


Leading players after Day 3 from each team

Captain's Team

 Alan Heard was the star for the Captains team winning 4 from 5 points.

Challenger's Team

Three players from the Challengers team  won 4 from 5 matches:
Wee Bobby Ho, Gordon Galloway and Peter Meaney

The two teams
The two teams


Both Captains thanked all the participants for their efforts and points and another very enjoyable tour was concluded with photo’s of the teams before departing to sunnier parts of the country.!

Current BUNGS tour win percentages

(After the 2019 South Wales Tour)

Member Tour Win Percentage No of Tours Attended
Hornby, Brian 100.0% 1
Armitt, Kevin 73.3% 3
Tyler, Gary 68.8% 8
Barkshire, Steve 65.0% 6
Holliday, Howard 63.2% 18
Craig Vale 63.2% 11
Dodwell, Martyn 62.7% 21
Lloyd, Steve 62.0% 21
Tolley, Alex 62.0% 5
Thompson, Adam 59.7% 15
Moore, Jamie 59.0% 13
Heard, Alan 58.8% 8
Smith, Neil 58.6% 7
Shaw, John 58.6% 20
Galloway, Gordon 58.5% 13
Latham, Phil 58.2% 11
Hughes, Karl 57.4% 20
Morris, Kevin 56.7% 6
Brown, Robert 56.7% 3
Thacker, Tim 55.1% 19
Haley, John 53.1% 9
Marchant, Adrian 53.0% 15
Raji, Steven 52.0% 5
Smith, Andy 51.9% 13
Tolley, Alan 50.6% 17
Shipman, James 50.1% 20
Poultney, Les 50.0% 2
Meaney, Peter 48.8% 8
Thorpe, Graham 48.3% 6
Harris, Steve 47.0% 10
Ho, Bobby 45.9% 19
Thacker, Jeff 45.5% 11
Sullivan, Gordon 43.9% 19
White, Neil 43.3% 3
Gross, Steve 40.8% 6
Fox, Mike 40.2% 15
Ronson, Ian 40.0% 1
Mullaney, Shaun 38.0% 10
Mansell, John 35.6% 13
Grubb, Dave 34.6% 13
Johnson, Mark 33.3% 9
Martin,John 33.3% 3
Jackson, Anthony 30.0% 4
Stamper, John 13.3% 3
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